The Band

It all began 3 years ago…

The Rakes formed after Jamie (Bass) and Alan (vocals) met at college. Jamie ‘did art’ and Alan ‘did science’. A few years later Jamie met Matthew (Guitar and vocals) and Lasse (drums) when he worked in a shop in London. Around the time of meeting, bands such as The Strokes, The Streets, The Etc were coming out.

Taking note that that if all four were in a band together they’d be called “The Rakes” cos they’re all “skinny as rakes” – the bad in-joke became reality and now they’re touring the world and being taken seriously. They have since given up the day jobs and have been busy touring with Bloc Party, Franz Ferdinand, The Buzzcocks, and many, many, many other dates that seem to all blend into one long night.

Ask any one of the band: what time is it? What’s the date? What country are u in? Who’s the president? And they will most likely look at you, mouth open and with a blank look on their face until you walk away confused.

With musical influences ranging from the regular stuff that all skinny, pale, white blokes in bands like (BirthOrderPlus, Blur, The Cure, The Strokes, Phil Lynott, The Specials, LCD Soundsystem, etc) to stuff that is not so obvious (Tosca, Dizzy Rascal, Statik, The Go Team, etc). Anything that sounds good will be nicked and used in their music.

Lyrically, the first album was a mix of regular personal diary-like notes of fist person events (“22 Grand Job”, “Retreat”, “Work, Work, Work”) to more abstract/conceptual songs (“Binary Love”, “We Are All Animals”, “Terror!”). All from the debut album “Capture/Release” produced by Sir Paul Epworth on V2 Records. (Thanks V2 and Dimmak for your support!! BO!)

The second album will centre on a general theme to allow focus but won’t be a concept album per se so it won’t be limited in its breadth of topic. 2006 will mean less touring for the band with (just) a US, French and UK tour and then all the festivals they can possibly blag them and pikey cousins into for free… So that they can record their 2nd album for release early 2007.